Virtual Reality with Inflatables

There are a lot of video game patents, including some so bizarre you wonder what the requirements are for patent attorneys, like a curtain for your TV screen. Patent #US5435557 A is a screen divider, preferably made of foam that is dyed or painted black, that can separate your television screen for dual mode video games.

Although that is basically a stupid patent that could easily be accomplished with taping up cardboard, there are some interesting patents related to video games. One being ‘Inflatable vehicles for simulating driving for use with video games’ (Patent #US8210534 B2).

inflatable vehicleThere are several products available to make racing games seem more realistic and arcade games which simulate cars and motorcycles the same way. However, those options are usually too big for practical home use. The idea of an inflatable car would be a light-weight alternative that would be easier to store when not in use.

Just how realistic and worthwhile it would be during play is still undetermined, though. How many cars have you ever rode in that were inflatable to begin with, and would large inflatable tires next to you really make a difference?

I would probably still try it out. Worst case, I would just leave it set up as a chair to watch movies in!